project renderings

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Project renderings bring your ideas to life. While your vehicle is in pieces and far from drivable, your rendering will keep you dialed in on your goal. Hang it on the wall in the garage show everyone the finished product even if the car is unrecognizable!

Supply a good, high-resolution photograph and a list of all your plans. The photo does not need to be of your own car, it can be a car similar to your own vision.

The above example was created from the second photo and this modification list:

  • Flat black powdercoated trim
  • Tinted windows
  • Tinted sidemarkers
  • '80 fender vents
  • Lowering springs (3/3")
  • GM dark indigo blue metallic paint
  • '80 Z28 stripe kit (with "Vortec" in the place of "Air Induction")
  • '80 Z28 grille emblem, 18 & 20" TTIIs with matte gunmetal center

    • One view . $100
    • Multiple views . $150